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Drinking water – Should I bring and how much?

We recommend that you either purchase or bring bottled water to Rocky Point. The bottled water in Rocky Point has been processed by reverse osmosis (RO). Many rentals have reverse osmosis systems; however, we do not recommend that you drink the water from the faucets. On a Personal Note: Please try and save all plastic and glass bottles and return them to the US for recycling – Please Help keep the landscape clean

Linens or towels – Should I bring them?

No need. All rentals come fully equipped with bed linens and bath towels. Please bring your own beach towels: Bath towels are not to be used on the beach. Oh - Don’t forget that special pillow

Beach towels and chairs – Should I bring them?

Yes, to be on the safe side, please bring your own beach towels and chairs for the beach. These items are not always provided. Please do not take the bath towels nor the patio furniture to the beach.

Bring Backs – What can I bring back to the US?

You have the right to bring the following items, tax free:

Personal use items - clothing, shoes and toiletries in reasonable amounts according to the length of their trip.
One photographic, video, or motion picture camera, including a power source, except professional equipment. Up to 12 rolls of film, or videotapes.
Books and magazines
Cigarettes - Up to 20 packs or 50 cigars.
Alcohol - maximum of 3 liters (approx. 3 quarts) of wine or alcohol – one of the passengers must be an adult.
Medicine - for personal use. ( with your prescription).
Suitcases or bags to transport the items.

Money – What can I use in rocky point?

You may use US dollars or Canadian dollars in Puerto Peñasco. However we suggest that you exchange your money at a US or Mexican bank or an exchange house for the best exchange rate. US dollars are widely accepted in Mexico but usually pesos are the best.

Credit cards – Most business will take major cards (Cash is recommended)
Personal checks – Most business will NOT accept checks

Rental & Property Management

Credit cards – Does Laguna Del Mar rentals accept?

YES - Credit cards will accepted if the reservation is made thru VRBO/HomeAway system. The transaction will be in U.S. Dollars

I.V.A. – What is it?

I.V.A. is a Mexican national sales tax. The tax rate in this region of Mexico is 16%.

Pet policy – Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, renters cannot bring pets. Please do not ignore or request any alteration to this policy!!!!!!! If any pet is found on a property. The renters will be evicted immediately with loss of all rental monies, cleaning fee, taxes and security deposit.

Just FYI - If you take your dog or cat into Mexico, you are required to have:

A U.S. veterinarian's certificate Form 77-043 and
A rabies inoculation permit valid within the past 6 months.

Info & FAQ

Calling cards – Can I use them in México?

Contact with your calling card company prior to your vacation to learn the specifics. We have found most of the information for using calling cards on the websites of your provider.

Rental car – Can I drive it to México?

There are several car rental agencies that will allow their vehicles into Mexico. In most cases, the agency will require that you purchase their Mexico insurance. Below is a list of car rental agencies and links to their websites.

Avis -
Dollar -
Enterprise -
Hertz -
Thrifty Car Rental -

Car insurance – Do I need it and how much to drive into Mexico?

Yes. Yes, Yes - It is very important that each car that crosses into Mexico has proper coverage. Mexican Law is very strict regarding uninsured motorists.

Passports – What documents are required after visiting Rocky Point? Do I need a passport?Effective January 31, 2008 United States and Canadian citizens 19 years of age and older, returning by land from Mexico will be required to show a government issued I.D. (drivers license) and a copy of their birth certificate. Children 18 and under must present a copy of their birth certificate. This is an interim change that will be in effect until June 2009 when all U.S. citizens will be required to present a valid U.S. Passport for re-entry into the U.S. For more detail on this and other foreign travel related information visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection government website
Or click here to find out more about the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative which includes travel to/from Mexico.

Best Return Time – What are the best time to cross the border from to avoid long delays at the border?

Weekday traffic is generally light to moderate with delays less than 15-20 minutes. Early Morning is usually the best. Weekend return traffic on Sunday (also Monday’s on 3 day weekends) can be heavy during peak hours (9am to 5pm) with delays well over an hour. Estimated traffic wait times are posted and updated hourly on the internet. These time estimates have been reported accurate +/- 15 min. Visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Wait Times website at and then locate in the list, Mexican Border Ports of Entry and look for the Port Name known as Lukeville.

Travel Time – How long does it take to get to Rocky Point? Phoenix/Tucson 
From either the Phoenix or Tucson area, a scenic four-hour drive through Organ Pipe National Monument. Approx three hours to Lukeville, Arizona with about one hour drive time from the Mexican border to Rocky Point.

Restaurants – What are some of the best restaurants?

There are plenty of restaurants in town to choose from in Rocky Point. Go to for a list of all the popular restaurants.Back to Top

Boating Adventures Fishing/Snorkeling/Sightseeing

Many companies offer full service charters: Sailing, Fishing, Scuba Diving, Para-Sail Rides, Sunset & Bird Island Cruises. 
Here is one of the more popular Companies in town:

Season Fishing Calendar

Pompano - Feb - Jun
Red Snapper - Jan-May, Dec
Rock Bass - Feb - Jun
Sailfish - Jun - Nov
Sea Bass - Feb - Jul
Sea Trout - Apr - Jul
Shark - All Year
Sierra - Jun - Nov
Skipjack - Jun - Nov
Yellowtail - Jan-May, Dec
Trigger Fish - Mar - Aug
Corvina - Apr - Aug
Dolphin Fish - Jun - Nov
Dorado - Jun, Oct - Nov
Flounder - Jun - Oct
Grouper - Jan - May, Oct - Dec
Mackerel - Jun - Sep
Marlin - Jun - Nov
Pinto Bass - Jan - May, DecBack to Top

Temperatures – What are the ranges throughout the year?

Dec. to Feb. - 40-75 F°
March to May - 60-80 F°
June to Aug. - 68-98 F°
Sept. to Nov. - 62-84 F°


2 inches -- mostly in December and January and late summerBack to Top

Beaches – What are the local rules?

The beaches in Mexico are open to the public and free of charge. Always be extremely careful while swimming, as very few beaches have lifeguards. Do not swim alone and keep your eye on the waves as they can be unpredictable. In all beach destinations the water condition flags are posted and should be followed. Do not panic if you feel you are being pulled out to sea. Swim parallel to the beach and usually in 50 ft. conditions will change.

Balance Rental Payment – When is it due?

Balance of Final Payment Policy: The balance of the rent, cleaning fee and tax are due thirty (30) days prior to arrival

NOTE: Reservations will not be held if the Booking Deposit or Balance Payments are not received by the respective due dates

Personal Checks - Does Peñasco rental accept ?

No - Personal checks will not be accepted for payments, only bank transference or direct deposit to a Wellsfargo Account. The transaction will be in U.S. Dollars. Ask for the bank information

Check-in and check-out Times

Check-in is between 2 – 4:30 pm: Check in at the property unless otherwise directed to do so. A $75 fee will be charged for check-ins after 4:30pm Guests will not be received after 7:30pm. Check-out 11:00am: Please return the key to Lizette (House Manager) on your check-out day. Do not leave the key at the unit or at the Guard House. If you leave early, there is a drop box at the home.Back to Top

Cancellation policy – What is it?

Cancellations: Cancellations made thirty (30) or more days prior to schedule arrival, the Booking Deposit will be forfeited.  If cancellation is made in less than thirty (30) days prior to scheduled arrival, all rental monies and tax, excluding Security Deposit will be forfeited.
No refunds will be given for holiday time periods.

Penasco Rentals Puerto Peñasco             6381120151

ATV’s, dune buggies, dirt bikes, sand rails and/or wave runners – Can I bring them?

The above are not allowed in Laguna Del Mar or Las Conchas !!!!!!! 
Rules are as follows:
The Homeowners’ Association Bi-laws prohibit renters/owners from bringing in ATV’s, dune buggies, dirt bikes, sand rails or wave runners into the Laguna Del Mar or Las Conchas communities. Violators, will risk impoundment of the vehicle(s) and prosecution by the local police. Violators who by-pass the Guard Gate do so at the risk of impoundment of the vehicle(s) by local police. Vehicles brought in by renters or visitors, with or without Laguna Del Mar and Las Conchas stickers or written passes will be refused entry at the Guard Gate. The HOA’s and the city of Puerto Peñasco enacted this ordinance to preserve the desert environment which was rapidly being destroyed by off road vehicles. At no time are these vehicles to be ridden on the beach of Laguna Del Mar or Las Conchas (with the exception of the Laguna Del Mar and Las Conchas Guards patrolling the area and enforcing the rules).

Fireworks – Are they allowed?

No! Fireworks are illegal in México and not allowed in any of our properties. You are subject to eviction if you use fireworks. You will be held personally responsible for any damage caused by fireworks.

Alcohol – Can I bring it to Mexico and how much?

What do I need to cross into Mexico?

Make sure that you have identification for all passengers and registration for your vehicles. Do not bring rifles, pistols, or ammunition of any kind across the border! Unless you like going to Jail.

Border Hours of Operation – What are the hours?

The border is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. midnight.

Cellular phone – Does my phone work in Rocky Point?Be sure to call your cellular phone provider prior to crossing the border for any specific instructions on using your phone in México.